NJSNA President’s Outgoing Message

It has been my pleasure and a privilege to serve as your NJSNA President this past year.  SNA and NJSNA have a long and distinguished history helping students flourish through access to nutritious, affordable meals.  I would like to thank you for all you’ve done this past school year  to serve your students and make sure they had access to meals – especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic! We were called on to do things we had never done before – had to build the plane as we were flying it – and as usual we came out with innovations and services to ensure our students were getting the nutrition they need in order to succeed. 

Nothing stands in our way of feeding children.  We advocate for child nutrition programs at the state and national level.  NJ passed a law and appropriated $4.5 million to cover the cost of reduced price breakfast and lunch meals so our students’ families wouldn’t have to.  Approximately ten of our board members attended LAC.  We met with our NJ representatives while attending meetings with USDA to get the waivers we needed to operate during COVID.  It was exciting being on the ground floor during these uncertain times.  Everyone came together in order to feed our nation’s children.  Many new rulings and waivers were enacted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Members are referred to the resources on the SNA and NJDA web-site.  We are advocating for consistent entitlement dollars and other financial considerations for next year.  Each district is handling things differently. 

This was a year of survival, staying afloat, and innovation!  In addition to feeding our students, keeping our food service staff safe while serving meals was (and is) a top priority.  Finances are also a big issue.  We are hoping that districts can maintain their entitlement dollars from last fiscal year and that revenue will return to previous levels.

As we begin to plan for opening in September, there are still more questions than answers.  Will we serve lunch in the classroom or cafeteria?  Will we serve breakfast in the classroom?  Will there be a continuation of feeding off-site?  How will the off-site feeding be accomplished?  Will we retain our reimbursements?  Will our meal programs regain their previous participation levels? 

As we navigate together, we, as School Nutrition Professionals, are sure to find the answers!  Thanks to you, our students have access to affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals!

Margaret M. DeBlasi, RD, SNS  NJSNA President

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