Biosecurity Management Plan

One tool to use in developing an overall emergency preparedness plan, from USDA.

Employees FIRST (training)

Employees FIRST is an FDA initiative that food industry managers can include in their ongoing employee food defense training programs. Employees FIRST educates front-line food industry workers from farm to table about the risk of intentional food contamination and the actions they can take to identify and reduce these risks.

Follow company food defense plan and procedures.
Inspect your work area and surrounding areas.
Recognize anything out of the ordinary.
Secure all ingredients, supplies, and finished product.
Tell management if you notice anything unusual or suspicious.

FORMAT: Employees FIRST Tool Kit – order (PDF) a tool kit CD that contains the Employees FIRST video and poster (currently available in English and Spanish, other languages coming soon!)

Food Defense 101, including ALERT (training)

Food Defense 101 is comprised of four courses:

  • Food Defense Awareness for the Food Professional;
  • Food Defense Awareness for the Front-line Employee;
  • Food Defense Regulations; and,
  • ALERT, for owners and operators of food facilities

FORMAT: Web-based training, Posters, Brochures, Wallet Cards

Vulnerability Assessment (software)

FDA’s Vulnerability Assessment Software tool is a prioritization tool that can be used to assess the vulnerabilities within a system or infrastructure in the food industry. The software program takes companies through questions about their facilities and processes to help them identify vulnerable areas.

FORMAT: Software Application

Food Related Emergency Exercise Bundle (FREE-B) (training)

 The Food Related Emergency Exercise Bundle (FREE-B) is a compilation of scenarios based on both intentional and unintentional food contamination events. It is designed with the intention of assisting government regulatory and public health agencies in assessing existing food emergency response plans, protocols and procedures that may be in place, or that they are in the process of revising or even developing.

The FREE-B is designed to allow for multiple jurisdictions and organizations (medical community, private sector, law enforcement, first responder communities) to ‘play’ with the host agency, or, quite simply, for an individual agency to test their own plans, protocols and procedures independently.

FORMAT: Five Scenarios for download.